Sherri Chapman, L.M.T., M.M.P.

Sherri Chapman is a highly regarded Licensed Massage Therapist (LM.T) as well as a Medical Massage Practitioner (M.M.P). Sherri’s clients include some of the top athletes in the country and she is considered one of the best in the field regarding sports massage therapy and deep tissue bodywork. She established Therapeutic Concepts to introduce an alternative to the spa environment massage. Clients typically call on her regularly when suffering from chronic pain because her experience and knowledge in the field of massage goes beyond the bodywork itself to listening and educating the client to establish the cause of the pain. Sherri’s testimony as a Christian is very unique. While attending North Texas she was diagnosed with a rare form of fungus that attacked her organs. The diagnosis called for a surgeon to cut through her rib cage and remove the majority of her right lung. Through the power of prayer and massage therapy she was able to heal and continue her studies and obtain her degree. Her philosophy today is that every “body” has its own testimony and she brings that compassion and understanding of pain management to every client that enters her facility.


Patches D.

"Spending time with the horses is important to me, and to keep me riding I need, a skilled massage therapist. Sherri listens to my needs and her hands help heal old injuries as well as the new ones I bring in to her. "

One of Ya' Boys

"As a professional athlete it is important that I take responsibilty for my health. Sherri finds the muscles that have taken a beating on the field and works them out week after week. I depend on her to keep my body stabalized and balanced and she does it well."


"My pain comes from stress so it is important to work out the kinks from every day living so I can stay in control of my life and move forward. Therapeutic Concepts provides the escape I need so I can leave the stress behind in a comfortable setting and get focused on what I need to get accomplished"