fullfilling your expectations

Answer a few questions.
Your massage therapist will review your Client Intake Form and ask what you want from your massage.  It is the Therapist job to ask these medical related questions to determine if massage is safe for you.

You'll be asked to remove your clothes, or at least most of them. Your massage therapist will give you privacy while you take your clothes off and lie down on the table and cover yourself. Your massage therapist will protect your modesty and keep you covered as much as possible throughout the massage. If at any time you are not comfortable please communicate this to the therapist so that they can remedy the situation as quickly as possible and continue the session.

Be asked to lie down.
Your therapist will require you to lie on a padded table. Pillows or bolsters might be used to position you during the massage. This allows you to relax completely during the massage. Music usually plays softly while you're massaged.

Have oils and lotions used on your skin.  
We use a combination of oils  & lotions to reduce friction while massaging your body. If you're allergic to any ingredients commonly found in body oils and lotions, tell your massage therapist. He or she might have products without that ingredient. You may opt not to use oils and lotions.

Never feel significant pain.
Pain that's more significant than momentary discomfort could indicate that something is wrong. If your massage therapist is pushing too hard, tell him or her to lighten the pressure. Your massage therapist should receive feedback from you to determine how best to massage you. Occasionally you may have a sensitive spot in a muscle that feels like a knot. It's likely to be uncomfortable while your massage therapist works it out. But if it becomes painful, speak up.

Our therapist are highly regarded and often times a waiting list is used so please be respectful of their time by showing up 10 minutes early or giving 24 hrs. notice of cancellation so that other clients can be seen in your place. If the required time is not given it is our policy to charge in full for the time scheduled.

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